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Conventional Loans
Purchase Rate APR* Payment
30 Year Fixed 2.875% 3.0% $622.84
15 Year Fixed 2.375% 2.602% $991.38

*Rates & APR quoted above for Owner-Occupied; 740+ credit score; $150,000 loan; 80% loan to value.
Loan-to-values above 80% may have a different rate & APR. Max loan amount: $510,400.


Conventional Loans
Rate & Term Refinance Rate APR* Payment
30 Year Fixed 3.125% 3.251% $642.56
15 Year Fixed 2.500% 2.727% $1,008.18

*Rates & APR quoted above for Owner-Occupied; 740+ credit score; $150,000 loan; 80% loan to value.
Loan-to-values above 80% may have a different rate & APR. Max loan amount: $510,400.
Cash-out refinance rates & APR may be higher.


ARM Loans
Purchase & Refinance Rate APR* Payment
5/5 ARM (up to 80% LTV) 2.750% 3.330% $612.36
5/5 ARM (80.01% - 90% LTV) 2.875% 3.374% $622.34
7/7 ARM (up to 80% LTV) 2.875% 3.317% $622.34
7/7 ARM (80.01% - 90% LTV) 3.0% 3.375% $632.41
10/10 ARM (up to 80% LTV) 3.0% 3.320% $632.41
10/10 ARM (80.01% - 90% LTV) 3.125% 3.397% $642.56

*Rates & APRs quoted above for owner-occupied; 720+ Credit Score; $150,000 loan
*Credit scores below 720 may have a different rate & APR
*Rate only changes every 5, 7 or 10 years until loan is paid off
*No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
*No GA Intangible Tax
*Choose your loan term - up to 30 years
Max rate increase every 5, 7 or 10 years: 2%; Max rate life of loan: 6.95%

FHA Loans
Purchase & Refinance Rate APR* Payment
30 Year Fixed 3.000% 4.044% $643.47
15 Year Fixed 3.125% 4.329% $1063.20

*Rates & APR quoted above for Owner-Occupied; 680 credit score; $150,000 base loan; $152.625 loan amount; 96.5% ltv
Minimum credit score requirements apply. Please consult a CUFS Loan Originator for specifics. Max loan amount: $401,350. (May be lower for certain counties)
Purchases: 3.5% down payment; Refinances: 97.75%ltv Rate/Term; 80%ltv Cash-out

VA Loans
Purchase & Refinance Rate APR* Payment
30 Year Fixed 2.625% 2.901% $616.33
15 Year Fixed 3.125% 3.642% $1,068.95

*Rates & APR quoted above for Owner-Occupied purchases; 680 credit score; $150,000 base loan; $153,225 loan amount; 100% ltv
Max loan amount: $510,400.
Purchases: 0% down payment; Refinances: 100%ltv Rate/Term; 90%ltv Cash-out

USDA Loans
Purchase & Refinance Rate APR* Payment
30 Year Fixed 3.125% 3.662% $649.05

*Rates & APR quoted above for Owner-Occupied purchases; 680 credit score; $150,000 base loan; $151,515 loan amount; 100% ltv
Min 620 credit score.
Purchases: 0% down payment; Geographic and income limits apply. Check here for eligibility.

Jumbo Loans
Purchase & Refinance Rate APR* Payment
30 Year Fixed Please contact a Mortgage Originator to discuss Jumbo options.
15 Year Fixed

*Rates & APR quoted above for Owner-Occupied; 760+ credit scores; $1,000,000 loan; 75% ltv. Loan-to-Value above 75% may have a different rate & APR.
*Interest rates may vary depending on credit worth loan-to-value, occupancy, loan type, and loan term. Displayed are the current lowest available rates.
Your actual rate and/or points may be different, as many factors go into providing you with a mortgage loan.
Rates and APRs posted are subject to change without notice.
If you have questions or do not see the specific mortgage program and/or scenario that you are looking for, please contact a Loan Officer for a personalized quote by calling
(800) 503-6855.

Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright serves as Servicing Manager for Credit Union Financial Services, LLC (CUFS) in Covington, Georgia. She began her career with CUFS as a Mortgage Loan Servicer in 1998. As her career advanced, Michelle transitioned to a Marketing/Business Development role. In 2007 Michelle was promoted to her current role. She is responsible for loss mitigation, mortgage lender compliance relating to Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), month end and quarter end reporting, as well as general mortgage servicing.

Michelle resides in Stockbridge. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in 1991.

Jim Dymek

Jim Dymek started in the mortgage business as a Loan Originator in January of 2002 working for a Mortgage Banker. Jim’s prior career was selling technology to Fortune 500 companies for approximately 14 years in the Southeast.

Leveraging his mortgage experience, Jim returned to the technology field from 2011 to 2014 selling mortgage technology solutions for Calyx Software and Lending QB in the Southeast US.

Jim has consistently been in the top 10% of production at various mortgage companies by primarily focusing on educating the consumer and providing thorough follow up.

Jim is passionate about educating the consumer on the basics with an emphasis on explaining how important credit is in the mortgage approval process. Jim prides himself on providing the consumer multiple options rather than just one mortgage option. Jim also has a strong understanding of compliance and the current regulations governing the industry.

A resident of Dunwoody, Jim moved to the Metro Atlanta area in 1974. He attended Dunwoody High School and is a 1985 graduate of Georgia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management.

David Gowen

David is a Mortgage Loan Originator at Credit Union Financial Services in Covington, Georgia. He helps provide mortgage solutions to members of Credit Unions in Georgia. After starting in the mortgage industry in 1986, David spent the first 21 years of his career working in the consumer finance industry and with wholesale or correspondent lenders as either an individual producer or sales manager. Since 2007, he has worked for several banks or mortgage lenders dealing with consumers either as an individual producer or branch manager.

A lifelong Georgia resident, David has been in in the Metro Atlanta area for 35 years. David attended Charlton County High School in South Georgia and is a 1984 graduate of Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

David resides in Cumming, Georgia with his wife Ali and his son Grant. He is active member of Cumming First United Methodist Church and Leadership Forsyth.

Pam Hunt

A Georgia native, I began my mortgage career 30 years ago. I have a passion for what I do as a Mortgage Originator. My experience has afforded me excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. My hard work and solid knowledge of finance has allowed me to work in management, sales, training, operations and compliance. I feel my unique ability to assist homebuyers with a comforting level of compassion in the home buying process provides a strong repeat customer base; I am privileged to help homeowners achieve their dreams.

When I’m not helping customers with their mortgages, I am a very proud Grandmother of three. I enjoy Georgia Bulldogs Football, music festivals and traveling.

Ken Obiecunas

Ken Obiecunas has over 20 years’ experience as a Loan Originator and Branch Manager. As a Loan Originator, he has been a consistent President Club’s member. The first 17 years of his mortgage career were spent at two larger banks. As a Manager, Ken enjoys training and coaching his team to exceed their past successes.

Ken holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Journalism and Communications Media). He also holds a Master’s of Information Sciences degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Ken is a five-year resident of Atlanta, after relocating from the Pittsburgh area, and lives in the Old 4th Ward district.

Debra Sibley

With over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage industry Debra has been with Credit Union Financial Services since 2015. She has held various positions during her career including origination, processing, and underwriting. She attended Gordon College and has completed multiple courses through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Capstone Institute. Debra and her husband, Charles, currently live on Jackson Lake with their 2 dogs. The best part of being a loan originator is helping people make the best choices for them and their families in regards to home financing.

Paul Totman

Paul Totman is a 25-year resident of Gwinnett County, GA. Paul has been productive in the Mortgage business for 17 years. A graduate of Northrop University majoring in Avionics, Paul is an avid baseball and aviation enthusiast.

Whether purchasing or refinancing, Paul is focused on providing a superior customer experience. He listens to and assists each and every customer to find the best possible loan program to for their individual needs.

Paul offers expert mortgage advice and is always available to assist you throughout the entire loan process – all the way to the closing table. He thoroughly enjoys and loves originating loans to help folks like you get in to a House to call Home.

Millie Bell

Mildred "Millie" joined CUFS in May 2019 and worked in the mortgage industry for six years prior. Customer service and attention to detail are very important to Millie. She attended Georgia State University and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. She resides in Conyers with her two daughters Neah & Kenlie. In her spare time, Millie enjoys trying new recipes and learning how to make arts and crafts.

Whitney Cannon

With over 13 years’ experience in the finance industry and a career managing one of the largest bank branches in Covington, Georgia, Whitney decided to pursue her passion of helping people achieve their dream of homeownership by joining the Credit Union Financial Services team. Finding the best loan program to fit the mortgage lending needs of current and future homeowners while delivering excellent service is of utmost importance to Whitney.

Whitney is a Georgia native, an avid runner, and enjoys spending time with her three boys and husband, Marc.